ABOUT US

The mission of Oasis Behavioral Health Services is to deliver the highest quality mental health, substance use, and dual diagnosis services to the Tri-State area (West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio).

Our staff consists of highly skilled professionals, well credentialed and experienced in providing services to individuals, families, couples, and groups in a private and pleasant "non-clinical" atmosphere. Our primary focus is in creating a positive outcome for those who acquire our services.

Our guiding philosophy is about facilitating a process whereby individuals develop a sense of personal empowerment to create positive change in the lives of those who seek our assistance. As the definition of Oasis implies: We want to be a "welcome relief from life's difficulties".

Our Philosophy
Serving our patients is always our primary focus of attention. We are guided by the question, "How can we help?"

We conduct our business operations in an open, fair, and equitable manner. Our service costs and fee structure are open for public examination. We want every consumer to know up front the cost/potential benefits of our services. We aim to provide the quality of care worthy of the public trust. We base that care on sound financial practices which are explicit and equitable to patients and providers alike.

We listen to our patients/consumers. This is achieved through open and honest discussion with every patient, and by evaluation of our services by randomly distributed written Client Satisfaction Surveys. We have altered our policies in response to patient suggestions/feedback, and we will continue to elicit and respond to constructive recommendations.

The care providers at Oasis are "hand-picked" by Dr. Webb in an effort to create a staff of competent, honest, dedicated and skilled professionals who can work together in a collegial manner for the ultimate good of our patients. Each individual has demonstrated a high level of compassion for all, and an exceptional commitment to the service of others. It is important that each care provider feel they are treated with respect as a person and held in high regard as a professional. Every effort is made to cultivate a comfortable working atmosphere for clinicians, to facilitate their optimal functioning in their delivery of services to those in need.

We are committed to benefitting our community by serving as a resource for mental health, substance abuse, employee assistance, dual diagnosis, and referral services through our public relations, service delivery, marketing, networking, and educational endeavors.

We recognize that human behavior is the manifestation of the interaction of biological, intellectual, psychoemotional, spiritual, and psychosocial aspects of each person, within their unique environment. We tailor our treatment to the needs of the individual, while integrating care that takes into account the biomedical, educational, psychosocial, economic, and environmental context of their lives.

We strive in all our professional activities and functions to create practical and beneficial differences in the lives of our patients, their families, and our communities. Part of how we do this is by modeling healthy lifestyles.

We understand the importance of providing appropriate and comprehensive mental health, employee assistance, substance abuse care, and of working collaboratively with other health care providers. Therefore, with patient authorization, we will communicate with each patient's primary health care provider regarding their treatment.

We hold patient privacy and confidentiality as a crucial prerequisite to offering a safe, trusting, and secure context within which patients can discuss the sensitive issues that bring them to our care. We will function within the limits of the law to protect patient privacy with all appropriate methods at our disposal.

If we discover we have not been able to help a patient, we will do our utmost to refer and/or transfer the case to a professional who can help them, contingent upon the patient's eligibility and appropriateness.
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